Nail Care

We only work with products of leading manufacturers that combine quality with good looks.

IBD - Nail extension gel products

O.P.I. - Nail polish (under and over coat) extremely long-lasting / well-known nail polish collections from USA.

Harmony & O.P.I. & CND Shellac - Permanent varnish scratch resistant and durable for 2-3 weeks.


Gel nail model / nail design

Your hands and fingernails tell a lot about you. Since they are always visible to everyone, they are noticed by most people first ... Unfortunately  not every woman has beautiful nails by nature, many suffer from nail problems. Whether soft, brittle, splitting or caused by nail biting. In addition hormonal changes and nail deformations are disturbing factors of the otherwise well-maintained appearance. It is not a question of age but a question of personal claim.

In order to prolong as well as stabilize natural nails we apply treatments using light-solidifying synthetic system, also called UV-gel. As treatment result the nails are becoming approximately 60 times more stable than the natural ones. Before each treatment we provide individual as well as professional advises to our customers which include discussions about desired shape and length of the nails.

We solely use valuable materials of renowned manufacturers that protect natural nails and among other things are particularly appropriate to allergy sufferers. Under the protective coat the natural nails continue to grow. The advantage of gel nails is that crystal stones, embellishments as well as inlay motifs can be placed very well with the help of the liquid gel which leaves a lot of rooms for individual designs.



We recommend regular refill sessions to everyone who seeks a continuously perfect look of their nails. As an optimal refill interval, three weeks are a good term for healthy natural nails



Beautiful hands are eye catchers to many people and hence. It should be comprehensible that they should get the attention and care they deserve. Eventually they are not only pure "tools" but also an expression of our lifestyle, our personal appearance and our claim to ourselves. Our hands disclose more about us than we are aware of. They show people in our environment how much the general body care means to us.

Our manicure includes a hand bath. The removal of the nail skin, the filing of the nails as well as the gentle grinding of the nail skin edges will let your nail skin reappear smooth and evenly . At the end of the manicure your nails will be polished and additionally treated with a care product such as manicure oil which helps them appear in a subtle  natural shine. If desired, we can also provide your hands with a light massage as well as varnish your nails with the color of your choice. Well-cared hands and feet significantly contribute to every perfect look. Whether you are looking for a natural French look, classic red or trendy neon.... you have got the choice.


Foot care

Our feet accompany us the entire life, thus we should take well care of them. If you want to do something good to your feet and yourself then treat yourself with a professional foot care! Your foot care means a lot to us.


Foot Care according to Medical Guidelines

Foot care according to medical guidelines is the relief of the foot complaints according to medical instructions.  The treatment comprises the correction of the nail deformation as well as the removal of clavus , foot warts and pressure points.


Cosmetic pedicure

In frame of the cosmetic foot care, also known as "pedicure", our salon is focused on the reduction of the toe nails as well as the removal of the cornea at the feet. The usage of the lotion and pleasant massage on the feet will complete the treatment. Wishes for professional toe nail varnishing can be easily fulfilled. Whilst your appointment booking we kindly ask you to provide a brief description of the type of foot care you desire (foot care according to medical guidelines or cosmetic foot care).