In many cases the conventional care applications are not sufficient to attain a truly flawless skin with fine pores. A professional with expertise on special high-tech treatment is needed to achieve the desired transformation of the skin.

With dermabrasion the crystals are navigated to the skin due to high level of speed and precision. These crystals operate as kind of softener that gently remove keratinized cells. As a result the aged cell layer will disappear and the skin is gleaming fresh, rosy and smooth. The following applied active substances can now be optimally absorbed and allow the skin to get beautified from the inside out.

The epidermis is refined and structured by abrasion. Sera and other active substances can now infiltrate deeply and evenly to supply the skin cells. The cell division is stimulated and the skin regenerates itself.

Through the stimulation of the blood circulation the skin is supplied with new energy and the tissues are optimally reinforced. The skin structure obtains a fresh complexion owning to the profound regeneration which is particularly beneficial to the anti-aging mechanism of the own skin.



Are you annoyed by signs of aging? Pale skin, sun damages, wrinkles? Then you should join this treatment to get the brightness, freshness and rejuvenation. Professional beauty through revitalizing and smoothing your skin in just two treatment steps within one session.

Step 1: IONTO MESOsono - Skin regeneration using MESO-peaks

Fine synthetic peaks facilitate by fully automatic up and down motions in subtle and pain-free manner openings of micro size on the uppermost skin layer which allows the infiltration of the concentrated active substances into the skin. The supply of the skin with oxygen and nutrient is enlivened, moisture depots are balanced and cell renewal reactivated.

The epidermis is thus precisely as well as symmetrically served which is beneficial to the self-regeneration process.

Step 2: Ultrasound - revitalization and anti-aging by sound

The ultrasound is a cell stimulating and profound heat treatment which animates the skin through the radiated sound waves to advanced streamlining processes. As a result the possibility of strengthening the supportive skin structures as well as making the epithelial cells more accessible to active substances, such as professional sera, is tangible. The ultrasound is applied to efficiently navigate the impact of the active substances to the desired areas.

With it you will get a visibly regenerated skin after one session.